Writing and speaking for mental health

Some of us need to learn how to exist with eyes on us. And some of us just have words and art we’ve created, that we love, that help us get on with life, and we might like to have an opportunity to share that – to feel brave, maybe even get some feedback.

Words, music and art are the great connector. Sharing those things helps us. Read about the new writing and speaking group i’m organising, for resilience against anxiety.

Learning and Engagement – Activated

What if Learning and Engagement strategies went beyond fun, educational days out and membership clubs, and actually asked us to add to the conservation cause by learning with effect?

Art is a test site and a learning tool. A case for environmental-awareness art.

The intertwining roles of art, research and communication are often behind the intentions for many art residencies and projects. But what puzzles me, is the tiny number of opportunities or requests for arts practitioners to raise public awareness of environmental issues, and to communicate or create conversation about solutions in this area. Instead, I keep…